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Jessica Anderton graduated from The Edinburgh College of Art in 2018 after studying 4 years of Fine Art Painting.


Her work focuses on the ideas behind contemporary life and consumerism, through depicting the beauty in everyday objects, which are often overlooked and disregarded.

Taking influence from still life cinematography, within advertising, and the psychology behind visual merchandising and branding, Jessica’s work displays basic necessities in bold compositions with vivid colour schemes.

Her most recent work has focused on repetitive patterns, taking common place objects out of their usual context, enabling the viewer to be reintroduced to the objects appearance or moved by its renewed visual presence.

After popular demand for her graduate piece ‘BAR’, Jessica decided to start her own design business, Jessica Anderton Designs. The core ethos consisting of creating high quality and unique products, made in the United Kingdom using ethically sourced products and manufacturing techniques.  


These products are now available online or in-store at 160 South Street, St Andrews, Scotland.

"Ultimately I want people to feel joyful and to gain pleasure from viewing my paintings. For me, art should educate, portray feelings, experiences and make the viewer look at a commonplace object in an inquisitive way, seeing something new and fresh." 

 I am most grateful to Mr Grant F Reid, CEO / Office Of The President at Mars Incorporated for being the first patron and supporter of my work.

Contact Informtation

Please contact me if you have any enquiries about the work displayed on this website. 

Commissions and limited edition prints are available.

Tel: 07964040064

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